Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Biopsy.

On Friday Jordan had his second biopsy of the year. As usual it was a miserable experience. The important thing is that by the late afternoon, he was recovering nicely. This morning, he woke us up to the sound of his usual version of "singing" at 6:45 am. That was a good thing. That meant he's back to normal, and so far, things look good.

Official results on Monday, I hope. I could spend a long time complaining, in this post, about what an awful time of it we had. I guess I'd rather focus on the fact that Jordan only has two biopsies a year now. That means things are going well, and for that, I'm grateful. Thank God it's over, and (knock on wood) we won't have another biopsy till January.



On Monday, I got some results back. In terms of the biopsy itself, Jordan is showing no signs of rejection. That's the great news.

Some of his bloodwork labs came back as well, but because they messed up the blood draw timing (ARRGHGHH!!!!), the results for some things are off. We'll have to repeat blood labs again in a couple weeks when we're scheduled for a clinic day. At that point we'll have a better gauge of his medication levels for his immunosuppressants.

We're also monitoring his iron levels which are a little low, and a possible elevated viral count for something called EBV. It's very low, almost within the range of normal, which means he might have been recovering from a cold when they tested him. If it's higher the next time, he'll be put on some preventative medication for a few weeks.
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