Thursday, July 10, 2008

Let the week be over...

First, a post-script to our folding adventures story.

This morning I got a call from a producer from the "Good Morning America Show." She informed me she had read the Wall Street Journal article, found it amusing, and would like to do a segment about it for the show. Would I be interested in appearing?

After a moment's hesitation, I responded, "No, thank you." As flattered as I was, that they would like to showcase my OCD behavior on national television, I think we've called enough attention to it for the time being.

Slow news cycle, I guess.

In other news..

I had the final parent-teacher conference with Jordan's teachers at school yesterday, and it went surprisingly well. This is the third conference of the year, and unlike others, the teachers were unanimous in praising Jordan for the strides he's made over the year. It was a rocky start, this preschool thing. But as the year winds to a close, his teachers were thrilled (relieved) to report that Jordan's behavior in school has been wonderful. He's gotten over his resistance to change, transitions nicely from one activity to another, loves story time, and shares "beautifully with his friends."

I looked at them confused, for a minute, and reminded them that we were talking about my son - Jordan, remember?

Yes, they said. He's doing great. He's still got some room for improvement, of course. Let's not get carried away now. But overall, he's extremely smart, very curious, and quick to grasp concepts. It's things like sitting still and not running around in class that he has a hard time with.

I was particularly pleased when they told me he was the best in class during language time. On Wednesdays, the class learns Spanish, and apparently Jordan has consistently been the first to volunteer answers during the sessions. Woo-hoo!!

Can I just tell you how thrilled I was? I can still remember, so clearly, the first parent-teacher conference I attended. It was such a shock to hear how Jordan was having a hard time adjusting to school. I clearly remember the teacher's initial cautious assessment that Jordan's behavior may suggest he might not be ready for preschool. That shocked me into silence. I remember stressing over that and a host of other things over the year. It looks like he's going to move up to the next "grade" after all.

On a more serious note, tomorrow is another heart biopsy day. We'll be taking Jordan in around 8:00 am, which is later than our usual routine. That means he's no longer the first patient in the cath lab. They do the youngest ones first .. it's hard to imagine younger patients, but we know first hand, they exist. Jordan will just have to be hungry and tired and scared a little longer. As he gets older, he's going to be expected to endure more, I guess. Wish us luck!

Now, to lighten the mood a bit - here's today's picture(s) of the day:

A Monkey and His Wii.

The Perkins gifted us with this little gem, and it's been quite amusing... watching my husband bounce around the living room.
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