Monday, July 07, 2008

The week ahead.

We've got a bit on our plate this week. We have Mina's 2nd birthday party this weekend, Jordan's heart biopsy on Friday, a final parent-teacher conference on Wednesday, a lengthy appointment with the service department for a car check up immediately after the conference, several shopping trips for party prep, late night craft sessions sometime this week, menu planning, papers to fill out with the doctor to prepare for day camp (must drop them off this week!! Mina won't mind tagging along, right??), as well as the usual daily medley of cooking, cleaning, laundry, meal-time, nap-time, potty-encouragement, bedtime, etc.

This is life, right? It's our life, and everyone has some version of it, with or without kids, I guess.

What we do have, however, is comic relief:

For kicks, I brought the camera upstairs with me for pre-bedtime routine.

Here's what we call "time to brush teeth."

After Mina was safely tucked away in bed, I retrieved Jordan from whatever depths of mischief he was up to, and gave him his meds. Then, he picked out a story, and began his pre-bed routine of moisturizing. This time, however, he noticed the camera I had dangling on my wrist. He asked to hold it, and I obliged. Within seconds, he figured out how to turn it on, point and shoot, and replay. Here's what he came up with:

A room with a limited view.

The escape hatch.

A selection from his personal library.

His "suburban toddler-angst" series.

Nine months spent attached to these were not enough, I guess.

We finally got down to the business of story time. He selected a book showcasing some of Picasso's colorful visage sketches. The book was a gift, and designed as a drawing manual for slightly older children. But lately, Jordan has been interested in the pictures. All the text is in French, which I don't speak. But it's mostly visual.

So, what we do is make up our own words to accompany each illustration. It's a challenge for me at times, but I've noticed that I can usually come up with something new to say every time I look at one of the pictures. I'll chalk that up to the power of the artist's work. Jordan's been loving this book. Mina, who will copy whatever he does, drags it out for me too. What's interesting to compare is the comments they each make about the pictures. Where one sees a king in crown, the other focuses on colors and shapes.

This shot made me rethink my fondness for the rug purchase we made for his room. Ugg.. it looks like Chewbacca skinned. Eww.
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