Monday, August 10, 2009

Doin' a Block Party Right.

This weekend, we returned to the old hood and partied like only Brooklyn knows how. Welcome to Gerritsen Beach, Brooklyn. They can throw down a block party like no one's business.

Mina couldn't wait to get there. Looks like she's caught the running bug too.

And a child shall lead the way.. along a street, closed off to traffic, lined with flag banners, and people coming out to celebrate.

Sounding the call.... let the Block Party begin!

We don't mess around in Brooklyn. Ya gotta be fierce.

Later, dad.

The scene... houses up and down the street, canopies and tables lined up, barbeques grilling, food piled high, chairs laid out to hold neighbors catching up on the latest gossip.

Mina found a couple of seats she liked and borrowed them for us.

Now, this block party had it all - good food, good company, lots of entertainment for the kids like bounce houses and inflatable obstacle courses. There was also a DJ and raffles. But the piece de resistance was the super inflatable water slide.

Mina eyes it from Michael's deck.

But, guess who snuck up there before the thing was even open?

That's right. My son. The heart transplant patient. The first one up the slide.

He went down once. And then again...

and again..

and again...

I lost track after awhile. Last I heard, he was barrelling down headfirst and then backwards. To give you some perspective, here's a pic of the other kids going down the slide. Jordan was almost the smallest...

Except for this guy. Jeremy. He's 2. He went down by himself too. Look at that brave, little face!

Miss Mina needed some convincing. She totally wanted to do this, but chickened out at the last minute.

So, dada helped her out.

I'm not sure if that was a good thing though. Look at the terror on her face.

After that, she was content to amuse herself with other Brooklyn-ish water sports.

Thanks Michael and Helene and the super friendly crew on Gotham Ave for inviting us over. It was a blast.
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