Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Middle One.

We were lucky to have a quick visit from my brother, Osman. He was driving through NJ, on his cross-country motorcycle trip. Details of his excursion from Colorado and back are covered here.

With a three year age gap between us, it was pretty much guaranteed that we fought like cats and dogs growing up. Nothing was ever not important enough to argue about.

Back in the day before they had car DVD players, you can imagine what our family road trips looked like.

"I'm not touching you! Look, I'm not touching you!" He'd say, with his index finger pointed just an inch away from my torso.

"MOM!!" I'd shout! "He's touching me!" Cue laughter from the brother.

Now I understand why both my parents became selectively tone-deaf at an early age.

Curiously, we both managed to survive long enough to actually grow up and get to be friends. When I turned 21, guess who drove all the way up to my college to help me celebrate? (And pass out on my front porch?) And when I needed to visit grad schools before accepting admission, guess who was up for a road trip down South? In return, I happily skipped my own law school graduation ceremony, so I could attend his college graduation. (And then proceed to have the mother of all fights over more nonsense.) We made up eventually and even managed to share NYC living in our first rent-stabilized apartments, one floor from each other in the same building. Lunch buffet specials at Jackson Diner, chai and mittai, moving, weddings, etc. We've shared a lot of history.

These days, our adventures are more tame, but the sibling bond remains strong. Much like I hope it will for my two devils.

The visit was short, but we packed in a few things:

Breakfast ... followed by ballet camp boycott when she realized the rest of us were going to go to the pool without her.

Pool time. Yeah, she won.

Tea time.

Relaxing with some light news.


more eating...

Quick break for some techie-techie time.

What can I say, techie-techie runs deep in our family genes. Woot, anyone?

Before we knew it, it was time to say goodbye.

Adios, bro. Safe travels. Hope we can see you again soon, along with your better half. Hi Dallice!
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