Monday, November 16, 2009

The Boys from Cleaveland Ave.

It was that time of the year again - the annual Binghamton mini-reunion with da guyz.

Much to our surprise, the weather was positively balmy. We took the party outdoors and enjoyed those fleeting rays of sunshine. While the proud papas sat around and reminisced...

The progeny frolicked.

There was a new addition this year.

He had them at "hello."

Just like one of the guys

Yay Jerry's. Jeff was totally in charge of the menu this year, and ordered quite well.

Jordan and Mina had a blast, pre-party, picking out all the strawberries from the fruit tray. Which was fine by me.... just leave the wraps, orzo salad, antipasti tray and cheese platter for me.

Miss Mina was the only girl among the kid set. Surprisingly, this did not intimidate her at all. And as you can see, her influence extends far.


This was definitely a guy's party. Notwithstanding the tutus, I notice someone managed to find the remote control just in time for the football game going on back there.
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