Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What passes for breakfast conversation around here.

Once upon a time, I spent the whole day with the kids. Most of the time, it was a grand experience. They started out little and didn't say much. They cried a lot. Slowly, they began talking.

And then they began talking back.

That's when things got interesting.

One day, I realized they were ready for school full time. I can't describe the exact moment when I knew we were ready for the next step. They had outgrown the little home routines and needed more. So, fulltime pre-school for them. Full time paid work for me. Onward and upward.

snack bags. Designs by request.

These days, the bulk of our time together occurs in the morning and after 6:30 when I get home. Weekends too, but that's different. During the weekend, we're too busy driving them around to all the different social events they have been invited to.

Despite our limited time together, they manage to come up with a few amusing things.

I'm so pulling this video out to show her senior prom date.


Midweek best of.

New favorite blog title.

Favorite recent blog post from Motherhood is Painless.

Best quote. From the blog, Life is Beautiful.

Best explanation for etymology of said quote.

Best facebook question midweek:

JS: question: what films or books actually changed your mind about something? (as opposed to simply reinforcing what you already believed)

Thinking ahead: cutest valentine's day craft if you know anything about sewing. I don't. Wish I did.

And what broke my heart tonight:
“There is no one, nothing, no medicines,
no explanations for why my daughter is going to die.”

— Jeudy Francia, outside St. Esprit Hospital in Port-au-Prince.
Captioned in online headlines, New York Times, January 13, 2010.

What's encouraging though is that the desire to help is global. This website spans images from Haiti, but what encouraged me was seeing aid workers from all over the world gearing up to help in the search and relief as well as provide direct aid on the ground.
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