Sunday, January 17, 2010

When your son turns Five.

Five is a big one.

It doesn't matter what circumstances you bring into your parenting game - five years in the life of your child marks a milestone. Five usually means going to school, conversations, opinions, maybe a little reading, writing ... a definite sense of who this kid is. They're getting big! You look at them, and those baby faces are starting to chisel out some. They're taller... they talk back.

They suddenly have this whole new world of school and friends and ideas.

What happened to that teeny little bundle of warmth you used to wrap up tight like a papoose? The one who woke up every two hours of the night demanding to be fed? The one who made you suffer through countless years of diapers, potty training and tears?

They turned five.

For some of us though, watching your kid turn five takes on a whole other meaning besides the norm.

If you've ever had a doctor tell you your son won't make it past the week he was born... well, then ...watching him turn five is like soaring through the clouds on a bright and sunny day. You feel like you're wearing wings and reaching for the sun.

It's a special guardian angel who made this happen. And we hope her wings have carried her to the farthest reaches of the heavens.

This is what five looks like on a clear day.

The birthday boy.

Celebrating a little early at school

Favors for the party.



Is it time to play?



A captive audience.

When all else fails, we cage them.

At circle time, Mina felt she deserved a spot in the limelight too.

"I'm his sister. Can I sit in the middle too?"

No time for sentiment now.. it's time for cake!

Which suits some of us just fine.

Five years. A sweet moment indeed.
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