Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Midweek - spring yucks.

The monkeys have been home two days in a row now, nursing various degrees of yuckiness. Stomach viruses, fevers, general malaise... little bit of drama thrown in there too.

Jeff has been valiantly doing the stay-at-home dad bit this week. Silly boy. He had scheduled two weeks off between quitting his old job and starting a new one. I suspect he thought he'd be home relaxing. But kids have this funny way of messing with your well-designed plans.

Prior to getting sick, they did enjoy a visit to the dentist. Their first! Jordan should have seen one sooner, no doubt, but no worries. All looks good.

How I generally feel about going to the dentist.

He redeemed himself though.

Did I ever mention I needed to get braces while I was in law school??!? Yes, law school. There I was, in my late twenties, trying to be all professional and whatnot, with a mouthful of wires. I wore those things for three miserable years. I hope our kids have better luck and get that nonsense out of the way early... or even not at all. One of my brothers, who shall remain nameless.. managed to get away with never needing braces. He has perfect teeth. And also a good short, little nose.

Completely unfair.

Other whatnot:

Cutesy or too Minnie Mouse? The quest continues for a good summer/20th reunion dress

polka dots!

Best advice of the week:

Running tip: Don’t neglect and irritate your family and friends by spending all your time running and talking about running. You love running and everyone knows it. However, not everyone wants to hear about what pace you kept over ten miles. The good news is, your running friends and blogger friends eat that shit up. So save it for them.

courtesy of Beth over at Shut up and Run, a very entertaining site I've recently discovered. I just noticed the actual URL for her site is "twentysixpointtwomore." I can only assume that means a marathon, plus in mileage. I love this. Now, all I have to do is work my way up to that.

If you needed another reason to hate her, apart from her dress at the Oscars - watch this movie:

Vera whatshername in:


Argh... I can't believe I watched this thing!!! And I LOVE horror movies. But this just sucked! Can we get over the creepy kid thing already? And creepy Russian kid thing? Come on. Vera, vera, vera...
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