Sunday, April 04, 2010

Star of the week - the Double Feature.

Since going back to work, I've realized that two kids in school means twice the parent focused activities, and thus twice the amount of time I need to take off from work. Not easy at this point. I don't have the kind of caseload where I can drop everything and come in for school activities easily. It's also and hour and half commute between work and home. So, I have to schedule things months in advance. Which is fine - but it requires thinking ahead. It's moments like this that I miss being home full time. It made parent participation in school simpler.

With that in mind, I'm trying to consolidate key things into one day where possible. It helps having teachers who get it, and do their best to accommodate the schedules of two parents.

Presenting... Star of the Week, round one and two. Followed shortly thereafter by back to back parent teacher conferences. Jeff and I pretty much spent the day at the school.

With cupcakes. Of course.

(Mini cupcakes, piped Dunkin' Hines chocolate frosting, Cadbury mini eggs - so I could get them out of the house and stop EATING THEM!!, and some little stars for decoration.) Nope, nothing subtle or healthy here. But, Jeff and I made them together, so that earned some points in my book.

Times two.

And some blackberry crumble bars for the hardworking teachers who were willing to help us. I love this recipe. Thank you, Martha.

We did some reading. Mina chose The Runaway Bunny. And for Jordan's class, Jeff read, Harry, the Dirty Dog. And we answered about a dozen questions from the students per class. And comments. There were lots of comments.

Times two.

Some cupcake eating...

Twice...which is why "mini" is a good thing.

A family shot. Complete with a little bit of jealousy, ala Jordan. (Mina had her star of the week in the morning, and it took him a little while to understand that his star of the week performance would be later that afternoon. Ahhh... jealousy.)

And another..

What I liked about Jordan's class this year, was the way the teacher used a star of the week poster, that Jordan filled out in advance. She printed it out herself on a large poster sheet, and included categories like "Things I like," "Picture of me," "Picture of my Family," and lined spaces to fill in wishes, and places you'd like to go.

I saw an example on Amazon.

Jordan had fun filling it out earlier in the week, and it gave us a chance to do something together relating to the day.

And while Jeff and I did the parent teacher conferences , the kids played in the school yard under the watchful eye of Grandma.

And Mina demonstrated that there is a ladylike way to play in the sandbox in full dress.
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