Saturday, June 05, 2010

Staying Healthy.

As much as I love running, I realize others don't always share the same enthusiasm. But that's ok. There are countless ways to stay in shape.

Strength training, for one.. arm curls..

Standing weight lifts..

Gymnastics. I'd caution those of you over 30 before trying this move. Even Mina looks dubious.

Riding up and down the street on a zippy scooter.

Or even power washing the deck in 90 degree heat.

But don't forget to take days to rest (tiara optional).

And recharge.

And be sure to eat something to refuel. Tonight, we had a lightened version of enchiladas. Delicious. And both kids ate it. I gave Jordan a deconstructed version (tortilla, cut up into smaller bits, filled with stuffing, no sauce, dipped into sour cream), and Mina, who had that kid version on her plate, opted to eat the full-on grown up version sitting on mine instead (cheese, sauce, cilantro on top).

Don't you wish you could just bottle the energy the little ones have? If I could just pour that into a tall cool glass.. oh man.

I'd be running marathons every day... my house would be clean, the laundry would always be done, the floors mopped every week, counters waxed, home projects completed, walls repainted, stack of work assignments done without working over lunch or bringing things home on the weekend, closet reorganized, basement finished, fireplace remodeled, ceiling respackled and painted, etc.

Alas. With our limited energy and time, we can only handle one project at a time. Right now, we're getting our side steps redone.

Disaster zone. It's pretty horrible.

What's really awful is what the masonry guy discovered buried in the cement rubble.

aluminum cans..

glass bottles...

I mean, seriously??? Who the hell did this work and what were they on? Burying your empties into the brickwork?

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