Sunday, July 11, 2010

Adventurer's Park.

It's an annual summer tradition for us - hitting the amusement parks. This year, we tried a new one - Adventurers Park in Brooklyn. Once upon a time, when Monkey Sr. was a young whippersnapper, trolling the streets of Crooklyn, this place used to be called "Nellie Bly Park."

Names aside. The kids loved it. It's perfect for the under 10 y.o crowd. The rides are mostly designed for the little ones, with an occasional big-kid/scary ride thrown in there to keep it interesting.

There are some rides you can sit with the kids on. If you so choose... Just keep in mind, as you get older, sometimes one's sense of equilibrium changes. Once upon a time, I used to LOVE amusement park rides. The twirlier, more heart-stopping, the better. And then I had two kids, and I suddenly couldn't even ride a swingset without wanting to throw up. This ride is called the Himalaya. As in nauseous.

The kids, however, felt no fear.

My biker chick.

Another thing to keep in mind when you head out to an amusement park - don't bother blowdrying your hair out. In fact, just expect it will be a bad hair day all around.


Aw, who cares. The kids had a good time.

Except when they didn't.

But that's ok. It was time for an ice cream sundae break anyway. This picture reminds me of my daily caloric battle. Should I eat this? Or not? How many points will this ***!!$% thing be and how many miles will I have to run to burn it off? I liked how Jordan held this out, almost in contemplation.

And then bit right in. My sentiments exactly. Life is just too short. If it's something you really want to eat, just enjoy it. Each and every bite. And then eat a little bit less the next day. Personally, after last week's barbeque madness, I've been in detox. This lasts for about two weeks till I reach my happy weight equilibrium and then I go hog wild again at the next party. Like Mina's birthday, for example. That's right around the corner.

I digress. The heat out there today started to get to us a bit.

Unlike the zoological landscape we see here at the Himalaya display. Pandas on the mountain range people?? What exactly was this artist smoking?

It worked out well though. We got the kids home in time for a nap that lasted just long enough for us to watch the World Cup final. WAAAAA!!! Finally, someone scored after 115 minutes. Unfortunately, it was not the team I was rooting for. Darn it. Oh Nederland. You in your bright orange and ridiculous penchant for unnecessary penalties. Was it really necessary to leave us with a short team right at the end!?!?!? Argh!!!

Oh well. At least the kids had fun. Congratulations S. Africa for hosting such a fantastic World Cup.
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