Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Do Bake. Don't run in Bermuda shorts.

Tucked in striped tank top, and braided leather belt? Really??

Running fashion fail on the Brooklyn Bridge.

photo, courtesy of sprinklebakes.


Oh, yes. Omigod, will someone make this for me? Is this not the most amazing thing ever? Peanut butter and chocolate - elevated to the heavens of baking artistry. Aziza, an extraordinary baker in her own right, shared this site with me, and I have been mesmerized since. I want everything. All of her recipes. I want to eat them. Now.

You just have to look at the level of patience required to make this. The stencils, the shaping on a wooden roller, hand-piping the peanut butter mousse. OMG, it astounds me. Of course I have to try this. Add to my list of things to do.

photo, courtesy of sprinklebakes.

I'm also slightly curious about this recipe, for the baby donuts. Just look at this picture.

But then I'd have to buy this. And honestly, it's starting to feel like the book, "If you give a mouse a cookie..." And honestly, I don't even like donuts! But these are so cute! Maybe they'll help me change my mind about donuts.

If you give an obsessive-compulsive a recipe for pretty little baked goods, she will slowly drive herself and those around her, crazy. And then she will proceed to buy more useless bakeware that will occupy every spare inch of her cabinets. And then, when she realizes she has to pack all this c-r-a-p for an anticipated move to the islands, she will suddenly realize that she doesn't have enough lifetimes to box all of it up.

And then, we hope, she will come to her senses and focus on the really important things.

Immigration papers mailed in. And now the wait begins.
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