Wednesday, December 15, 2010

School Christmas Parties 2010

Both kids had their parties today; and I made the rounds. Different times, of course. But, it's good thing the school is roughly equidistant from home and Hamilton, so in between parties, I got other things done.

Happily, I noticed that the party was significantly more low-key than school functions we used to attend back in the states. There was more a focus on activities than on sweets and treats, which was nice. I manned the play doh station at Mina's class, where we worked on shaping lots of cookies. And pizza. And "mommy and daddy snowmen." (that was coined by one of the little girls at the table, which I thought was very cute. I had fun meeting some of Mina's friends. The lot of them are a seriously adorable bunch. Four is a nice age. God bless her teachers though. Whew, those kids have some energy. An hour into it and I was ready for a nap.

At "fruit time" I was gently asked to leave because a drama appeared to be brewing at Mina's table. I was informed this drama occurs daily and involves a set of four, close knit friends who fight over who gets to sit next to Mina (bwah!! I need to enroll in her "how to win friends and influence people class. I'm sure I could learn something). I was informed that my being there might make it worse. In my typically sensitive fashion, I laughed out loud. But agreed that it was time to leave. And of course, that set Mina off into a sobbing round of tears.

Later that morning, I stopped by Jordan's class as they were finishing lunch.

Yes, those are antlers on his head.

This kid cracks me up.

On the ride home, we talked about what he did that afternoon. He told me they watched "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer." We talked about various aspects of the movie, and his thoughts on Rudolph's job. Recognizing that Rudolph's nose made him "unique" (a word we've used in conversations) I thought I'd be clever and apply the word to him:

Me: So, Rudolph was unique among the reindeer, because he had such a special nose. We're all unique in some ways, don't you think?

Jordan(pausing to think): Yes. Except for Olivia and Alex.

me: Who?

Jordan: Olivia and Alex. They aren't unique. They're twins.
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