Thursday, December 16, 2010

Snowflakes in Bermuda

Just because you've moved to Bermuda doesn't mean you forget your love of all things papery, glittery or scissor-y.

Oh yeah. Can't forget the glitter. The kids have been getting cards at school from their friends. Yesterday, they both came home with a burning desire to make some too. Now this is fine and dandy, and yay for hand-made snail mail. However, the school has this quirky little rule that mandates that any card distributed in school must be made available to each child in the class.

You want to send out cards? All twenty one kids get one. It's all or nothing, baby.

I told Jordan this; and warned him that this would involve a lot of time.

And a lot of glitter.

They got right down to it.

Thank God for Mina. She's a pragmatist. She decided she only wanted to make cards for her two teachers instead.

With bunny ears.

Glittering went on throughout dinner prep time and plating. In between cutting, roasting and steaming, I laid each hand-made card on the art table to dry. And wiped glitter off of every surface that sparkled. Clean as you go, I learned a long time ago.

The best part? He forgot to bring the cards to school today.

Today, they came home and decided they wanted MORE. More crafts.

"Mommy, where's the glitter?" Mina asked.

Uh.. no.

Not after I spent a good chunk of the evening cleaning up, sweeping and mopping the floor. Sorry. Even I have my crafting limits.

"Let's do something else," I suggested. "Let's make snowflakes!"

I showed Jordan the basic folding strategy, and he was off.

Yep, he sure was.

We began hanging some across the doorway entrance to the kitchen. It's a good thing none of us are that tall.

It's an easy project. Here's a simple tutorial:
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