Thursday, November 03, 2011

My favorite Halloween pictures, BDA 2011

Jordan and Mina both had parties at school on Halloween. I was determined to make an appearance at both, and help out with at least one. Mina and I pose at our cupcake decorating table.

And then I sprinted upstairs to Jordan's classroom to check in. Together we made a creepy spider, dangling from a stick.

Mina's approach to decorating - the "more is more" philosophy.

Yes, Jordan is a bird. But what kind of bird? When asked what he was going to be for Halloween, Jordan promptly replied, "a Kiskadee!" That elicited some looks back in the states, but here in BDA, everyone loved it! If you know what Kiskadee sounds like, you'll understand why I thought this was the perfect bird for my guy. If you don't know, feel free to look at Jordan's favorite website.

Mina asked to be a witch. But not any witch, mind you. She wanted to be a "pretty witch." Here she is posing, "like the girl on the box, mommy!!"

One of the best shots - Let the Mad Rumpus Begin!! Thanks Josh and Oneka for letting us join you! We had so much fun!

I love Halloween!!
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