Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I'm so sad the kids are back to school....


Monday marked the return to normalcy in our household. I for one, am breathing a hearty sigh of relief. In the hopes of starting the new school year right, we tried to get ourselves organized in the preceeding weeks.

Yeah. That went well.

Day One:

Jeff wakes up at the crack of dawn. Oscar, sensing food must be coming, leaps up and starts tippy tapping his doggie nails across the hardwood floor of our bedroom. I curse Overstock.com for failing to get all our bedroom rugs and furniture together so I can have everything sent via container to Bermuda.

I get up a few minutes later and get "dressed." I go downstairs for water.

Jordan is already up, dressed in his uniform and is sitting at the kitchen counter discussing how soon he will be allowed to play Minecraft. His hair is sticking straight up, thus confirming he paid no attention to me during the conversations we had regarding grooming.

Mina wakes up shortly thereafter, dresses herself and as I get ready to braid her hair, she sits down for a lengthy discussion of the dream she had the night before.. "You know, mom.. the one about my dad - the vampire."

She goes downstairs and joins Jordan for breakfast. He ignores the banana crumb muffins I so lovingly baked the night before.

Both kids kill time by practicing piano and complaining about the electronics ban.

I walk Oscar, pack lunchboxes, fill water bottles, then sit down for my coffee and emails. I realize I have forgotten to pack an "art smock" for Mina.

Commence search for suitable smock as the clock keeps ticking. I scramble for rags under the kitchen sink and settle on a lovely orange Brooklyn Brewery t-shirt, circa 1995, that I never quite got around to ripping up.

Thrilled with myself for not throwing anything out!

Hoarders unite!

As I round up kids to get in car, Jordan informs me his shoes are too tight.

"But we tried the shoes on last week, and you said they fit just fine!"

"No, Mommeeee... they're too tight!"

I grind my teeth together and inform him he will have to suck it up till we have time to buy more shoes.

He frowns.

I send them outside for commemorative first day back to school picture.

He makes many nasty faces at me.

I force them to stand outside in Bermuda humidity till I get one fake happy look.

We go upstairs to car, and I take more pictures.

Suddenly it dawns on me that we are almost out of the house, and I begin smiling uncontrollably.

As we drive down the road, for the 5 minute car ride (YES!!! One Stop this year!!)I grin at every person walking, stumbling, riding down the street.

Yeah you, Mr. "shopping at Serpentine Liquors at 8 am in the morning!" High five! I'll get the next round!

Welcome to the most wonderful time of the year!
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