Monday, October 21, 2013

Sea Breeze Lounge, Bermuda 2013

This might be my new favorite restaurant in BDA.  I can't decide what I love best - the views, the food, or the vibe.  We spent a lot of summer nights here this year.  With the extended summers of Bermuda, I'm glad we get to enjoy this outdoor restaurant a while longer.

You can't go wrong.

I love that you can bring your kids here in the early evenings.  When they get tired of grown up talk, they have a wide open grass field to run around in - adjacent to the restaurant. 

I love the sangria and swizzle pitchers.  I love the tapas and sushi menus.

And I adore the view.

A full moon over the ocean at Elbow Beach .. warm South Shore breezes over the balcony.. just dreamy.

My brother Osman, took this pic of Mina while the moon came out. Such amazing light.

We did learn one lesson though - never moisturize your kid's face with Aquaphor before a trip out here.  Yes, I realize this is one of those lessons that is of marginal value to most people.. but maybe it will help someone out there.

Jordan, in his infinite wisdom, decided to face plant on the beach during a romp around before feeding time.  We had conveniently moisturized him with a heavy duty dollop of Aquaphor (great for eczema!) before we left the house because we are just crazy like that.

Big mistake.

He came up looking like he was wearing a beautiful pink, sandy mask.  Washing that off was fun.

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