Monday, October 14, 2013

Easing into Monday.

One word - organization.

Lunchboxes disinfected and ready to be packed?
Hot lunch tickets cut out and put in lunchbox?
Tupperware out on the counter with all the inner compartment boxes ready to go?
Water bottles clean?
Uniforms ready?
Gym uniforms (a/k/a "kits") clean and in the bags?
Confirmed they have sneakers at school, if not then packed?
Backpacks in their place?
Reading logs signed?
School pouches in the backpack?


Ok then.. you can lounge on the couch before bedtime and watch "House Hunters International."

Happy Mondays when the work is done the night before. 

Mina takes after me.  Look at the system she's developed for keeping her water bottle and gym bag within easy reach at drop off.  Love it.

I'd much rather lounge on the couch on a Sunday night than do more stuff... but...

As much as I hate Mondays.. especially Monday mornings... I hate being rushed around feeling disorganized even more.
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