Thursday, October 10, 2013

Halloween odds and ends.

"Mommy, what's your faaavorite holiday?"  Mina likes to ask.

Funny, you should ask.. it happens to be HALLOWEEN!!!  I just love this holiday.  It fits in with all the things most precious to my soul ... candy, dressing up, scary movies ... candy..  chocolate.

My kids are still pretty young, and easily scared .. unfortunately. 

I contrast this with myself, as I distinctly recall one of my earliest childhood memories.

There we were - my mom and I in a small kitchen dining table in Queens, NY.  She was telling me in vivid detail, all about her fun night during which she, my father, and another couple had decided to go out an watch the "The Exorcist." 

Yeah, the original.  I'm seriously that old.

But I remember my eyes getting progressively bigger as she told me all about it.  The child who turns into a demon.. the priest leaping out the window.. the head spinning around.

And then I remember hiding under the table.

She dragged me out so that she could drop me off at pre school.  Thanks Mom.

But fast forward to this day.. I still love scary movies.  And Halloween. 

I don't torment my kids that way though.. and we still decorate cutesy in this house.  Although, I am waiting for the day when I can sneak in more creepy décor.

Cute little ceramic animals and a happy pumpkin house?  Smiling jack o'lanterns? Yes, yes...

Sparkly-eyed spiders made in school?  Of course..

Yard sale finds and Grandma H's hand me downs from teaching days?  Sure!

Cut out masks from the back of Pillsbury fake bake boxes?  You betcha!

Cute little witch with googley eyes, magic wand and a pretty purple dress? Aww!

I did sneak in two new items this year for outside.. I snagged two of these LED purple and green light up glitter spiders. If I can find some hay bales somewhere on this godforsaken island, I thought they'd look slightly creepy outside.. lit up next to the carved jack o lanterns we'll make. Slowly but surely.. maybe one of these days we'll do those cool tombstone scenes I see all over the Halloween Pinterest boards!! 

I can see my kids running already.
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