Saturday, November 16, 2013

Heart Cath - happy tales.

Jordan had his biopsy this month - the annual - and as far as these things go, it went surprisingly well. His results, thus far, are good; and there are no signs of rejection. He was pretty nervous about this, teary-eyed in the car getting out, and stressed about the anesthesia mask they use.

But, he got through it. Some combination of sedative, given through an IV (I must remember this for next time) and the right dosage of anti nausea medication seemed to work. For once, he wasn't throwing up after it was over. He even managed to sleep through most of the five hours he was required to stay still in recovery.

The hardest part was bringing him into the cath room, which is in desperate need of a child-friendly makeover. It's such an intimidating space - filled with enormous machines, electronic screens, and so many masked people, hovering around a empty table waiting for you. Jordan instantly tenses up when we walk in there. I carried him in.. and it might be my last year doing this.. he has gotten so heavy! On the table, he cried. He also said that he wished he had never had a heart transplant. What can you say to that? He was in panic mode, I think. It was hard, so many people were talking to him all at once, in an effort to calm him down. He did finally focus on me, and I talked him through the doctor putting the IV into his hand. It was a shame she couldn't do it in one shot. So we started again - me telling him to look at me, focus on me, take deep breaths. Jordan actually made it easy for me. Earlier that morning he was telling me a story about his friend at school, and a game they played called "skunk breath."


But, I reminded him of that and we blew skunk breaths back at each other till the IV was in. Then we waited till the sedative kicked in, watched his eyes get drowsy, and then kissed him good bye for now.

Mina was such a champ. She insists on coming along with us now, and during the whole day in the hospital, she kept herself amused. I brought along some things for her to play with. She read from one of her chapter books (love that she is into reading for pleasure now!) and the social work staff at the hospital did an amazing job checking in with us, letting us know about activities scheduled for the families that day that she could participate in. Having Grandma H and Michael around was a huge help, as they kept an eye on her while we waited bedside with Jordan.

Back at the hotel room that evening. So glad it was over! We always celebrate with pizza in the evening.

The next night, we took advantage of being near NYC. Jeff introduced Jordan to his old place of employment - The Blue Note, in Greenwich Village. Jordan seems a bit confused here, but both kids were mesmerized by Michel Camilo, who performed with a big band. He is such an phenomenal pianist. Seeing him with a band as large as he had was such a treat.

Jeff snapped this pic of me and Mina on the airtrain in Newark. Mina has reached the stage where she dresses herself completely. As you can see from this picture, we have radically different styles, but that's ok. I always go to her when I want my outfits styled for a night out.

Her leopard print ensemble was made perfect when a couple offered her their leopard print umbrella. They said they had noticed her, and decided she would be the one to give it a good home.

Never fear! Oscar was well cared for in Bermuda. Here he is basking in doggy glory on the pink beaches of the island. Thanks Jim!

So, I am breathing a deep sigh of relief that all is well. Back to normal!
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