Monday, March 17, 2014

Santa was extra generous this year.

Not too many parents can document the night of their child's conception.  Apparently, I can. 

As of today, I am going into my 16th week.  Calculating it back, Jeff and I were able to figure out when the magic happened.  Suffice it to say, we will no longer be attending his office Christmas parties.

Baby boy Trimarchi is expected to arrive on or about August 31, 2014. 


As a seasoned veteran of the mommy brigade, I pretty much knew about three weeks into it that something was off.  I tried to tell myself that my new found massive cleavage and all day nausea were just signs of aging.. pre-menopause.  Yeah, that's it. 

Even as my chest got bigger, and denial grew stronger, we still managed to head off on our Christmas break to NYC, during which time I happily splurged on a Christmas gift to myself - two pairs of Rag+Bone skinny jeans which are now gathering dust on the top shelf of my closet. Oh the irony.  To have been diligently working out for months and months to fit comfortably into those jeans...

It's also come to my attention that other moms on this island have found themselves in this situation,  as a direct result of said Christmas party.  I don't know what to say to this, other than I'm thinking class action for child support. 

Just kidding!!  I'm kidding, said company!!!

Jordan and Mina are very excited about the whole thing.

Anyway, I'm hanging in there, even in the face of a rapidly diminishing wardrobe.  Yoga pants and baggy hoodies are my new best friends.  It's also a little surprising how much earlier you pop out with the third one - a fact the kids never fail to point out.

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