Monday, May 05, 2014

Bermuda snippets

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Saw this guy on the water this morning.  It's some type of heron, which Jordan would know.  Have to show this to him.  They catch the tiny fish that swim in the bay.

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I've been walking along this path with Oscar for over a year and a half now.  I noticed this hanging among the mangrove trees last summer.  It's still here.  Did someone find it and put it here for the owner?  It's not immediately visible from the road, so I can't imagine how someone could find it unless they were actively looking for it.  That got my mind thinking all kinds of strange scenarios - a hidden key.

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Among all the flora of Bermuda, this happens to be one of my favorites.  These tiny white flowers grow amidst these bright green bushes. They smell so good.  I'm always tempted to cut some branches and bring them home, but then I remind myself they are technically on someone's property, even if they abut the main road, and I'd rather see them alive every day on my walk then watch them die on a vase on my dining table.
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