Friday, August 08, 2014

Mina turns 8!

Mina turned 8 this July in a frenzied week of celebrating, culminating in a spa party with a few special friends.  We found an amazing place here on the island, called "Inner Beauty Kids Spa."  They arrange for spa birthday parties on site as well as mommy-daughter manicures and pedicures.  Totally girly!  Mina loved it.  I loved the ease of managing an intimate birthday indoors, while in my third trimester.

I tend to go overboard with birthday parties, but this year, the heat, humidity, and late pregnancy hit me hard.  I knew, from looking at Pinterest inspired ideas, it would be easy to go over the top with this theme.  But I restrained myself. 

 KISS!  (Keep it simple...), I kept whispering.


Most of the décor was already in place.


Simple activities, run by lovely staff kept the girls entertained.


The spa is small, which necessitated keeping the guest list manageable.


Glittery options were available.


The timing was pre-lunch, so edibles were light and of the finger-food variety.


I made the cupcakes using the semi-homemade method (Dunkin Hines for the cupcake, homemade frosting for the top, cake toppers I made with art store supplies, sandwiches, cherries in cupcake wrappers, fruit kabobs, cake pop balls - ugh, disaster, but kids loved anyway.)


A happy camper. 

I'm going to consciously stop using the expression, "I can't believe she's (insert age of child) because it's so cliché.  How else can I express it though?  One minute I was driving myself to the ER to deliver her (long story), and the next, she happily jet sets to sleepaway camp for two weeks by herself. She loves clothes and fashion and designing outfits.  She's a reader, just like her mom, and gravitates towards all sorts of books like Dork Diaries, to Roald Dahl, to fairy princess tales.  Sometimes, she'll take her entire collection of cuddlies, line them up, and read to them.  She still adores bunny rabbits, and her favorite one "Luvabul," which she's had since she was a few months old, is still alive and well.  She informed me Luvabul will be attending her marriage.  If she gets married.  She changes her mind about that frequently.  She plays piano, swims like a fish, and has started taking sailing lessons - such a quintessential BDA thing.

She never lacks for friends, and unlike me - she always knows what to say to people in any situation.  Her social skills leave me astounded.  I would be at a loss without her by my side.  She happily joins me in the kitchen to cook or bake, feed the dog or set the table.  And she does it with such a smile.  Every night, she cuddles next to me for lullabies, and hugs my ever expanding belly.  "It's just so cute I can't help it!"  She says with a grin.  She tries talking to the baby through my belly button and laughs at the silliness of it all.

It looks like she'll be the only daughter I'll ever have, and for that - I am  grateful.  I couldn't ask for a better one.
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