Tuesday, January 06, 2015

When a store gets it right in Bermuda.


As much as I like to complain about shopping in Bermuda, sometimes you have to point out a place that has their business model together.

Cheers to Yo Cherry, a lovely little frozen yogurt shop, located on Bermudiana Road in Hamilton. 

What they do right? 

A rotating selection of frozen yogurt and assorted toppings and sauces, a clean shop, cute outdoor seating, friendly staff that doesn't mind giving out tastes to the little ones, generous hours of operation, convenient location, and a working website!  If you've lived in Bermuda long enough, you know all of these things together is a rarity.

We are in there at least once a week.  There's always customers coming in and out.  My kids ask for fro yo as a reward for all kinds of things - acing a spelling test, getting clipped to the top of the chart in school, remembering to brush their teeth in the morning (ok, I made that one up.)

Granted, it isn't cheap.  Like most fro yo places, you pay per ounce of serving and toppings ("That's how they getcha!"  bwha hahahah!!)  We never walk out of there paying less than $10-$12 for two small containers of dessert, and that's with my very close supervision of what my kids put on their sundae.  But props again to Yo Cherry - because they offer a rewards card that lets you redeem yourself for your previous gluttony.  Our card gets whipped out every time we are in there.  Alas, no amount of fro yo gluttony can counterbalance the cost of everything else on this lovely island, but that's neither here nor there.

No, Yo Cherry is not paying me for this. It just dawned on me the other day that my kids would rather eat a dessert at Yo Cherry, than one at home that I baked.  It's true, and I consider myself a seasoned baker with loads of high praises from the kids. 

So, when I get beat out by a fro yo place, I guess it bears pointing out. 
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