Friday, December 04, 2015

Carols for All, December 2015

The holiday season continued in full force this week. Mina, who only recently began playing clarinet, had a holiday concert called, "Carols for All," at St. John's Church. 


When you are immersed in a country as beautiful as this, it's easy to forget how old it is. There is so much history on this tiny little island. St. John's Church, is over 400 years old.  

This is where the performance was held. It's very close to the kids school (and home too. As an aside, the arch bishop, who delivered a reading this evening, had a hand in welcoming Theo to the island a year ago.  Without his wife (Fiona Dill, a nurse, midwife and doula) I am 100% sure I would have given birth to my third child on the floor of my dining room. 

While we sat in the pews, Jeff wondered why the school wouldn't bother to create a separate auditorium. 

And then the orchestra began to play, and we realized that despite its age, the acoustics here were amazing. 


Miss Bean. She is the littlest one in the entire orchestra, and was invited to join it last year. 


Sitting stil for long periods of time is not easy, alas. But I reminded him of the hours Mina used to spend sitting in the gym waiting for him to finish training. 


It was worth it though. Mina did an amazing job and it was lovely seeing her perform, as well as the older groups. Clarinet is a new instrument for her, which she took up on her own initiative. She goes in early to school twice a week to be ready for rehearsal (7:45!) and also has individual lessons during lunch time once a week. She is expected to practice a half hour a day in addition to all this. 

But she does it. I warned her when she wanted to take up another instrument that it would be a challenge. But she hasn't faltered in over a year now.  She balances piano practice, dance, daily homework, soccer, and early morning clarinet and practice. 

So Proud of my girl. 

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