Friday, December 04, 2015

Mina's dance recital, 2015 - "All that Glitters."

Mina dances to "Uptown Funk."

Adding to this month's swirl of activities, The Somerset Dance Academy celebrated 45 years on the island.  Mina was in two performances - a ballet number and this one above for her jazz/tap group.  I just have to smile with the little sassypants shake shake thing going on. 

And here's the ballet number:

She has done such a wonderful job going to classes each week, putting in her hours at rehearsals and never complaining.  And I just love that she gets up on stage and does her thing - with a smile too.

With all the different activities going on, in addition to school stuff, we have had some late nights.  It's in keeping with the way the month of December works here in BDA.  The weeks leading up to Christmas are such a hurricane of frenzy.  Between the kids things and the social stuff for the adults, I am constantly double checking my daily planner to see if I've missed something, forgot to pack something, confirmed car pooling for different sports, birthday parties, or playdates.

Of course I love it, I've been at this game for awhile now.  It's fun frenzy - all of which will come to a screeching halt post Christmas, when the island basically shuts down for a couple weeks to recharge.

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