Monday, February 11, 2008

There can be no peace...

Until they both recognize each other's right to exist.

"Mina!!!!" He screamed again, his voice piercing the calm.

Jeff and I looked at each other. Annoyed, and yet amused at the clear frustration expressed by our three year old son, so eloquently. Just one word.


It said so much. What now?

We peeked into the playroom. Poor Jordan. No matter how far away he tried to sit, Mina found him. No matter how many times he picked up his little toy and shuffled into a corner, she came over to investigate. The ridiculous little puzzle sorter, the one that sat in a corner for weeks, unattended, was now the contested item at issue. Both of them wanted it. Both of them were willing to fight for it.

Despite his small size, Jordan was just big enough to physically wrench the puzzle cube from Mina. But she's a wily one. And she has no fear. A dangerous combination. Realizing she couldn't grab the entire toy away from him, she amused herself by swiping a key component away and then running as fast as her chubby legs would carry her.

Away she went, down the hall, with Jordan screaming behind her.

The hallway is pretty short. It ends in a door. The doorknob is the holding area for Oscar's "poo bag." (it hold the grocery bags I use to clean up after him on walks). Realizing she was cornered, Mina did the only thing she knew how to do.


She hid her face behind the bag, laughing all the time. I guess she figured if she couldn't see us, we couldn't see her. Oh silly Bean.

It ended badly, as all these little fights do. Screams, tears, hysterical shrieks. One day, I know they will love each other. It might take awhile. A long while. In the meantime we all suffer. Jordan suffers the outrage that comes from knowing he's always getting picked on by his sister. Mina is outraged that she can't get what she wants - which is whatever her big brother happens to have. And I'm outraged that there can't be five minutes of quiet in this house.

Beanie fuels up for the battles which lay ahead.
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