Thursday, March 05, 2009

Where does the week go?

By Monday, Jordan was definitely well enough to go to school. Naturally, that meant disaster was bound to happen - and it did. Monday was a snow day. Two healthy kids, stuck at home all day while the wind whipped outside ferociously, and I cursed under my breath.

I hate winter.

We spent much of the day playing. I dug out a memory matching game our cousin Amy bought for the kids years back. They got it this time, and we settled in for round after round of this. Jordan impressed me. He rarely has the patience for most board games, but this one held his attention. I think he just liked winning. Mina inherited my temperament regarding losing. Not pretty.

Following most illnesses, Jordan reverts to eating everything in sight. I think he compensates for the weight he lost during the previous weeks. For most of this week, he ate around the clock. After eating his own breakfast, he demanded I share mine with him (lite, whole wheat English muffin, with 1 tablespoon of peanut butter - that's 2 weight watcher points people.) Yeah, I measure out the peanut butter too. I look forward to eating that thing every morning.

But, I gave it to him, and watched him nibble away at it while my stomach rumbled in protest. He doesn't even look like he's enjoying it, does he? That's the rub of it. Yet, he somehow managed to consume the whole thing. Grr.

This standing in front of the refrigerator thing in search of more food ... yeah, he gets that from me. But for him, it only comes out post-illness. For me... it's a 24 hour thing.

I grumbled my way through the snow and cold, but Miss Mina was thrilled to wear her pom-pom boots again .. with faux pearl necklace and heart pendant. Can't go anywhere without that.

On Wednesday, we celebrated Dr. Seuss' birthday - meaning Jordan came home from school and ate lunch at home in his Dr. Seuss hat that I repaired. I don't know why the cow is making an appearance at the table. He must have snuck upstairs and brought it down without me noticing. How did I miss that?

Jordan has gone through his Dr. Seuss phases. At various times, his favorite Dr. Seuss books have ranged from "Oh, the Places You will Go," "In a People House," "One Fish, Two Fish," and "Marvin K. Mooney." Grandma H. started him off right with all of Jeff's Dr. Seuss books from his childhood. Most of the ones I've read with him are pretty good. It's interesting to trace the way Jordan's attention span has grown as he's gotten older. We've read to him since he was an infant - and at first, there was no way he was making it through a whole rendition of "One Fish, Two Fish," or "The Places you will Go." But as he got older, he would pick those books out himself each night to read. I'd read them; he might ask questions, and he got so good at memorizing the whole story, he'd catch me right away if I tried to skip a verse here or there. (bad mom! bad mom!)

Ahhh... it's the Children of the Corn!!!

Yep. Here they are again.

What you talkin' bout, Willis? (Jordan took this picture. Not bad for a 4 year old.)

I finally dragged myself outside today with Mina to enjoy what I hope will be the last snow of the season. We hung out in the front yard, which was relatively sunny, and made snow castles.

That was fun. Getting Mina to come back inside was another story though. Here she is, doing the immigrant squat in the middle of the front lawn in protest.

After morning errands, we settled down to lunch and our daily episode of Animal Kingdom - ala New Jersey. I scraped up all the loose breadcrumbs and tossed them out for the birds. The squirrels found them first.

They get hungry too. Look how cheeky this one is. He's totally staring at us while we eat at the table.
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