Monday, April 20, 2009

Day One.

During which, we commence the world's largest wrapping paper craft project.

They spent about an hour at the table working diligently to fill as much blank space on the paper as possible.

And I spent about twice that amount of time after they were done cleaning up the mess. I get why Dooce once claimed that she didn't do the crafty thing. It's exhausting.

If this thing ever dries, and serves its intended purpose, it's going to be ripped off in two minutes anyway. So why bother?

Because I get a kick out of seeing Miss Mina draw strange little alien faces which she calls "the mommy, the daddy, and the little bay-bee!"

And I'm secretly thrilled that Jordan is writing words now, sometimes spelling things out on his own, and sometimes asking me how to spell them. It's one of these strange milestones that kind of snuck up on me. Nothing as dramatic as being toilet trained and sleeping through the night - I know, those things get us parents all riled up since it's what the baby books talk about.

But it's stuff like this that makes me pause. He gets the concept of writing words now to express an idea. He gets that he can use the words to tell a story - whether it's a simple idea like "Happy Birthday." Or "I love you."

And that makes me pause for a second to see him separately. As his own little person. My little man.

With ideas.
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