Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Thursday misc.

I've managed to keep this kid ignorant of all things gun related for almost five years now. His father wiped out my longstanding efforts with just one stroke. Last weekend, Jordan attended a birthday party where he happily warmed up to these ball shooters, which, let's face it, look like high powered guns, to me. The guns are lined up along a platform on top of some climbing equipment, overlooking a pit on the floor. Opposite this platform is another row of guns. The game involves filling the gun full of rubber balls and firing at your opponent across the pit. I guess.

What may not have occurred to the designers of this game, or maybe it did (in which case they clearly did not have any legal staff on retainer) was that since the pit is the lowest part of the climbing equipment, it tends to be occupied by babies and other young uns too fearful or little to climb up to the platform. It may also be occupied by the sweet, shy types that are just content to watch the cute little rubber balls roll by on the floor.

Little do they realize that some of the older kids hovering just above them, may be more amused by using their little bodies as target practice. I know this because, although I was not at this particular birthday party, I attended a different birthday party at the same facility the week before with Mina. And I studiously kept her far away from both the guns and the pit (that sounds like some god awful James Paterson style book doesn't it?)

Funniest blog post of the week - Sarah and the Goon Squad.

Favorite dress at the golden globes.

What I wish I had done for Jordan's birthday party but was just too lazy and exhausted to even attempt it - glorious hued dessert table.

Funniest facebook status update of the week, courtesy of Big T:

Who cries during American Idol auditions? Seriously, this baby needs to come OUT!! (baby is due very soon; and I'm so excited for them! And I get to be an aunt x2!)

New recipes tried this week:

image, courtesy of

1. Alice Water's spicy cauliflower soup.
OMG, so good. Divided it up into tupperware mini containers and brought it in for lunch this week.

2. Spinach and fennel salad. (4 points) You can find the recipe here, courtesy of Greenlitebites.

I made it to accompany the turkey and brie panini (7 points) I had for dinner tonight. Recipe here. Thanks Cooking Light, for actually providing a recipe I could realistically make in under 45 minutes. But only because I used a panini press instead of baking it in the oven.

Coming home from work, running out to get ingredients to cook, making dinner, then putting kids to bed is tiring. Recipes need to come together instantly. Because seriously, by the time I get home, I am so ravenous, I would be content to just scoop peanut butter out of the Jiffy jar and call it a night.

Which, unfortunately, sometimes I do.
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