Tuesday, August 24, 2010

It came from Mars!!!

Oscar had hernia surgery today. Don't laugh (as I initially did when the vet told us he needed surgery). Apparently some dogs develop hernias, or are born with hernias that don't correct themselves. Or the vet needed to make payments on the snazzy little BMW his wife pulled up in this morning. Whatever.

For the record, I actually did ask the vet what on earth could Oscar possibly have done to develop a hernia, considering his major form of exercise consists of jumping on the couch in open defiance of my "no dogs on couch rule." See above for his answer.

Oscar had hernia surgery today because, as I like to remind Jeff, he is a member of our family and we love him. And if he needs life saving surgery, or as the vet claims he does, we will help him. Unless he bites us. In which case, he is on his own.

Oscar wears the cone of shame.

We took advantage of the fact that Oscar was under anesthesia to get a two-for-one special and have him micro chipped as well. It's not because we just felt like blowing extra cash (my initial impression of people who choose to get their dogs microchipped). It's actually to comply with pet importation requirements imposed by Bermuda. If we want to bring the dog over, he has to be microchipped. I don't fully understand why. But, as they say.. ours is not to question why.. ours is but to do or die. Or something like that.

BTW, if anyone is considering career options - being a vet in Englewood, NJ is a very lucrative profession. Consider it for your children. I will.

edited to add:

While on the subject of children, Jordan and Mina were fascinted by Oscar and his cone of shame. Jordan was also interested in Oscar's bandages (site of his iv tube) and this turned into a lovely lesson in empathy wherein I explained that Oscar was not feeling so good right now because he had been under anesthesia.

Jordan: what did it taste like? (Apparently, pediatric anesthesia patients have a choice of anesthesia options. Jordan told me his was cherry when he went under last week.)

me: Oscar's was dog-food flavored.

Mina: What does that taste like?

Me: Um... it tastes like chicken and rice. Just like daddy cooks for Oscar.

Mina: yummy!
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