Monday, August 23, 2010

Super cute!

While I should be doing productive things like going back to school shopping for the kids, or locating big boxes to begin the packing process for the move to Bermuda, I choose to occupy myself with other pursuits. Such as blog hopping. Obviously.

Here's what's caught my eye lately

engagement ring box, courtesy of very cute site dog 'n bird. Yeah, yeah.. I know. I'm already married and already got my engagement ring. I still think this box is cute. Like for that special ring when your wife turns 40. Ya, know.

I want this dress. I do. I don't usually get too bothered about clothes. I tend to stumble my way from one outfit to another. But I really am lusting for this dress. I just love these colors. The dress reminds me of a sweater I bought last year from Boden - it's the same color combination (the Santorini cardigan. Ooh and look it's on sale for $22!! That's a steal for Boden). Every time I wear it, I get so many compliments. Most people don't think pink and orange go together; and ok maybe together they're a little bright. But, I can't think of anything nicer than bright colors on a grey, rainy (or snowy day). Luckily, snow will hopefully be a thing I no longer have to worry about. Yee-haw!

The designer is Lisa Perry (according to the model above - Amy Atlas - who happens to design the most amazing dessert tables you've ever seen. See link.) I also know I won't be wearing too much Lisa Perry designs unless I happen to run into one at a thrift store. Yikes. Them there is not Target prices.

This week I discovered a new blog - Little Pumpkin Grace - that had such great, crafty ideas, including things for teacher appreciation gifts and such. Good thing to recall in the future, since school is starting up again soon. But what really caught my eye was the blogpost she did on her son's first birthday. Loved the theme - "classic toys."

click here for the full link and pictures.

In other super-cute news, my last day of work is approaching. I'm both sad and excited and cannot believe we're about to embark on such a big adventure. As we speak, Jeff is off in Bermuda busily meeting with his team and hopefully looking at some housing options in his spare time. What do you think about this view? Ha. Just kidding.

We also had a cute time this weekend at our favorite summer amusement park - The Victorian Gardens at Wollman Rink (Central Park.) This year, the kids managed to go on just about every ride by themselves. Jeff and I split them up and contented ourselves with sitting on the benches, listening to the awsome throwback tunes spun by the DJ.

Some pics - just discovered Flikr has super cute photo editing tools that really make your pictures pop. Which is a good thing, since it's still an adventure for me to switch my camera into manual mode.

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