Sunday, November 20, 2011

Weekend wrap up.

Rainbows, pink castles on the horizon, and a fun little 8k sponsored by Bacardi. These were a few of my favorite things this weekend.

An 8k is about 5 miles. That's not too bad. It's a nice distance. I enjoyed it. I ran it in 51 minutes. If you're a serious runner, this is a pretty laughable speed. But the truth is, I've stopped caring that much about my speed. I just want to have fun with my running again. Last spring I got crazy and put way too much work into training for a half marathon. Between thirteen mile long runs, 40 miles weeks, speed work, hills and analyzing my Garmin statistics like a dork, it stopped being fun. And then I got hurt and couldn't even run the race I had trained months for. That really bit me in the behind. My only goal this season is to stay injury free and have fun. That's why I've kept with running this long.

I crossed the finish line, and my prizes awaited.

That was the best feeling of all.

Of course, they did have post race snacks. Spectators were welcome to help themselves. I know you're supposed to eat something post run, but I usually wait awhile. All those bagels and cereal and milk and muffins... Don't get me wrong... I definitely ate later.. 5 miles is roughly 500 or so calories. Oh, yeah. I made up for that.
I finally got my Garmin working again. Here's the breakdown. Mean anything to you? Yeah, me neither.
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