Friday, September 27, 2013

Radishes and butter - a random recipe.

I try to limit the kids extra curricular activities these days to one sport, an instrument and a language.  It's not a perfect system, but I think we're in a good place this year.  The kids are busy, hopefully becoming "well rounded;" and we still have days off plus regular family dinner time.

Except, there are days when we don't.  Hello, gymnastics!

Gymnastics takes up 5 hours of practice a week.  On Thursdays, Jordan has two hours of gymnastics for the Jr. Boys team. Unfortunately, the hours are 5:30 to 7:30. It also takes a half hour or more to get out there, and that's on days when I'm not driving the car pool to pick up two team mates. Somewhere in this time frame I also have to make sure he does his homework.  By the time he gets home, it's close to 8:15, and he's exhausted.  He takes his transplant meds, showers, and crashes.

The kid is a twig. He needs to eat something substantial before he goes off to burn 10,000 calories in a sweltering, non-AC gym.

He begs for pizza on gymnastics days. So I give in. Most times, we pick some up en route to the gym, but sometimes, we do it at home too.

While the pizza heats up, I try to tempt him with other things.

He's been a radish kick lately. Don't ask me why. When you have a picky kid, you learn to celebrate every new advancement in their taste buds.

Doesn't matter.

I found this ooh-la-la chic French snack on the pages of Saveur magazine, and went with it.

The radish and butter sandwich.

Leave the salted butter out for awhile to soften up. I went with a brand called "Presidente," which claimed to be French, but sounds Spanish to me.  I think I prefer the Irish salted butter I normally use when I bake homemade bread - Kerrygold.

He devoured three huge pieces.

But it may just have been the salted butter .. or the bread. Like me, the kid loves his carbs and his sodium.

Not sure what happened to the love of radishes though. They became more garnish like with each piece he ate. After three servings, he flat out just asked for a hunk of bread with "just butter."

And then he ate two slices of pizza, grapes, and some corn on the cob.

He said he'd wait for after practice for his dessert.

If only I could bottle this metabolism.
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